garb meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
garb meaning in tamil is ஒன்றுக்கு விசேடமான உடை, உடை அணி

garb meaning in tamil with example

garb tamil meaning and more example for garb will be given in tamil.
Kodagu district should guard itself against any attempt to defile the serene atmosphere in the garb of developing tourism. Commending the contribution of Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji pontiff of Shravanabelagola he described him as a social scientist in the garb of a muni. 5 4 Angry outburst reveals frame of mind 6 6 Author English in clerical garb 9 7 Growing fruit. He observes that the number cases against the erring agencies are of course fewer than the incidents of cheating in the garb of foreign jobs. Police said Murthy used to attract men to his centre christened Kasa Enterprises in the garb of body massage but used to carry out unnatural acts. In a press statement JNUSU stated that employees of the AAI were engaged in a heroic struggle against the decision of the United Progressive Alliance Government to privatise the Delhi and Mumbai airports under the garb of modernisation. But in the backdrop of allegations of misappropriation of funds the Dairy abandoned the area that earned it fame and adopted the Companys Act in the garb of benefiting milk producers. Suresh Manoharan Hyderabad The Western media in the garb of freedom of expression have crossed the limits of decency. Move against hate The idea according to the Government is to discourage preachers of hate such as radical imams who have been propagating hatred in the garb of religious sermons. Three women and two men have been arrested by the NorthWest Delhi police for allegedly running a prostitution racket under the garb of an Ayurvedic clinic.