gap meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gap meaning in tamil is இடைவெளி, பிளவு

gap meaning in tamil with example

gap tamil meaning and more example for gap will be given in tamil.
Corporation officials told the Minister that after a gap of 23 years the lake which has a waterspread area of 2139 acres had witnessed heavy inflow in the recent rain. Such an eventuality can be avoided only if the Government bridges the gap created now through the provision of the required subsidy he added. Since they are in a state of depression due to intellectual knowledge gap that exists between them and their counterparts in wellendowed urban schools they required constant and compassionate prodding by teachers. All arrangements have been put in place for the smooth conduct of the event which comes back to Thiruvananthapuram after a gap of 14 years he said. A survey three weeks ago gave Fatah a 17point lead over Hamas but the gap had narrowed down to 10 per cent in a fresh poll that was conducted on Sunday. The Minister said despite the continuing gap between demand and supply electricity supply was being regularly maintained. She said that power generation units at Birsinghpur Amarkantak and Sarni were continuously tripping due to poor maintenance under the previous Congress regime and this was a major reason for the continuing gap in demand and supply of electricity. Unlike the last time when India visited Pakistan after a gap of 15 years there was not much of hype as one would have expected. 3000crore ambitious Hyderabad Outer Ring Road ORR plan Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday agreed to extend the viability gap funding mechanism and assistance under the National Urban Renewal Programme to it.