gambling meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gambling meaning in tamil is சூதாட்டம்

gambling meaning in tamil with example

gambling tamil meaning and more example for gambling will be given in tamil.
The Raichur police on Monday arrested Basawaraj from Maddipet in Raichur Shankargouda Mounesh and Hanumantha from Hutti village and Ningappa and Nagareddy from Kotha Cross in Lingsugur taluk on the charges of gambling and recovered a total of Rs. The Raichur police arrested Bassappa Sajjan and nine others from Manvi town on charges of gambling and recovered a Rs. Gambling clubs raided 99 arrested In a sudden operation special police parties on Sunday raided gambling clubs in the city and arrested 99 persons in this connection. The police arrested Shek Mahaboob and Mohammed Yusuf from Jahirabad in the city and Bheemanna from Navalkal in Manvi taluk on Monday on charge of gambling and recovered Rs. The Raichur police arrested Gudusab and five others in Mudgal town Nazeer in Raichur city and Zilanimiya in Gonal village of Sindhanur taluk on Wednesday on the charge of gambling and recovered Rs. The study also found that there was a limited source of recreation mostly gambling or drug intake and there was no exposure to moral values and various life skills like behaviour manners and communication. Arrested The Raichur police arrested Huligeppa from Gorebal Camp in Sindhanur taluk and Somanath and two others from Lingsugur town on the charge of gambling and recovered Rs. More than 30000 arrests were made under the SLLs which include Arms Act and Excise Act besides others like Gambling Act in 2005. 151 Special Correspondent Five arrested for gambling Tuticorin Police have arrested five persons for allegedly gambling at an open ground at Srivaikundam near here on Sunday.