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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gallows meaning in tamil is தூக்குமேடை, மரணதண்டனைக்கு அனுப்புதல்

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Like a judge who votes to send a man to the gallows but adds he doesnt really believe the convict is guilty India said in its explanation of vote that it did not consider Iran to be in noncompliance or that the issue should be referred to the UNSC. On March 23 1931 the three young men cheerfully went to the gallows at 6 p.m. lustily shouting Inquilab Zindabad. According to Bhupendra Hoojas A Martyrs Notebook the news of the hanging spread like wildfire in Lahore. Munir Haddad an Iraqi judge who witnessed the hanging said Saddam called for forgiveness and love among Iraqis but also stressed that the Iraqis should fight the Americans and the Persians. As he was led up to the gallows Saddam shouted slogans including God is great. Peoples Democratic Party president Mehbooba Mufti said that in todays civilised world sending someone to the gallows was anti human. But the cellphone video showed the former leader being taunted in his final moments with witnesses shouting go to hell before he dropped through the gallows floor and swung dead at the end of a rope. In 1997 Chalapathi Rao and Vishnuvardhan came close to the gallows in the Chilakaluripeta bus burning case. Iraq sent another of former President Saddam Husseins associates to the gallows on Tuesday as the nation marked the fourth anniversary of the U.S.led war still battling a raging militancy and sectarian conflict.