gallery meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gallery meaning in tamil is காட்சியகம், பார்வையாளர் மாடம்

gallery meaning in tamil with example

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The indoor stadium constructed as per the specifications of international standards houses two shuttle badminton courts with a permanent gallery for spectators. The Top 10 cut flowers gallery would feature rose carnation chrysanthemum gerbera lily gladiolus orchid anthurium alstromaria and gypsophila. Guntoting CISF personnel threw a security ring around the eastern gallery of the museum where the most talked about stones are being displayed. The visitors were let into the introductory gallery where they got familiarised with the Nizam and his collection. The fabulous collection is being showcased at the Eastern gallery of the famed Salarjung Museum here for the second time. The introductory gallery at the exhibition has been redone tastefully with Italian marble flooring enabling visitors to be informed about the Nizam his jewels and the Asaf Jahi dyanasty. He also inaugurated the Holy Relics Gallery at the State Museum in the presence of the Chief Minister Union Minister for Urban Development and Culture S. The solo exhibition of Bini Roy a Thiruvananthapurambased artist is being held at the Contemporary Art Gallery at present. Singh Srikant Kadam Rupesh Hirugude Sanjay Bhale Rao Raju Sutar Vaishali Oak Vikram Kulkarni Nitin Hadap Subhash Singh Shailee Gupta and Dipak Sonar Gallery 5 and 6 Group exhibition by Delhi Art Teachers Association Gallery 7 and 8 Exhibition of Art Works Gallery No. Prahlad Indian Art Gallery Chitramayee State Gallery of Fine Arts Kavuri Hills Madhapur 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Kalakriti Art Gallery Inauguration of Krishnakriti Festival and International Art Camp Kalakriti Art Gallery Road No.