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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gallant meaning in tamil is பெருந்தன்மையுள்ள

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1000m Gallant Commander Joshi Jay Jay Laxman 16 80053 60038.5 40025.5. They finished together. As a consequence every year it has become a common phenomenon to lose forever a number of gallant youth in their rustic exuberance of flashing courage in controlling the fiercely galloping bulls. I 1400m jockey Deep Shanker Base Line was fined Rs.1000 for shifting in soon after the start causing interference to Ballistic Anil and Gallant Commander D. Manchester Games silver medallist Som Bahadur Pun was a gallant loser against Australian Todd Alan Kidd on points 3119 in the 64kg light welter category. The events objective was not only to remember gallant CRPF personnel but also to spread a message for the restoration of peace in the State. 3yo only Terms Beau Gallant FoyerRegality 55 Rajendra Singh 1 Emerging Force 55 Milan 2 Majestically 55 A. In the quarterfinals the Italians faced a gallant Spanish side which had ousted Brazil in the first round. The gallant Indian women fell out of top10 bracket after running into top seeded Russians in the final round of the Chess Olympiad before the mens team ended its agonizing campaign with a hardearned victory over Italy B at the Oval here. True to their reputation the Koreans were gallant and endeavoured till the final second to restrict the margin. The superlative volleyed goal by one of the less trumpeted Argentine players Maxi Rodriguez to beat a gallant Mexican team playing way above what was expected. Battle honours During the preIndependence era it was awarded Eight Battle Honours for its gallant acts.