gal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gal meaning in tamil is இளம் பெண், சிறுமி

gal meaning in tamil with example

gal tamil meaning and more example for gal will be given in tamil.
VIJAYNAGAR CUP 1400m rated 20 to 35 Slavic Binkhaldoun Sea Of Love 61.5 Srinath 1 Divin Lumiere 55 Suraj Narredu 2 Magical Spirit 51 Vivek 3 and Global Gal 55.5 cd. II 1200m rated 20 to 35 Global Gal Dont Forget Me Midnight Madness 58.5 Rajesh Babu 1 Exclaim 58.5 Suraj Narredu 2 Hawaiian Sunrise 56.5 Srinath 3 and Alagi 52 Vivek 4. The reports of the samples of cooked food analysed by the Microbiology department of Medical College and those prepared by GAL were forwarded to the District Collector on Tuesday by the health officials. 6. R.W.I.T.C. CUP 1400m rated 40 above Just Brave Brave Hunter Loire Princesse 57.5 Gnaneshwar 1 Linette 52 Appu 2 Corsican Gal 47 cd. Slavic Lanark and Corsican Gal caught the eye when the horses were exercised here on Monday morning March 20. There is a little difference though the guy and the gal are both married with problems of their own. II 1400m rated 20 to 50 6 7 8yo Redefine Forest FairTrinkets 58 cd 55.5 Mahendran 1 Glenfarclas Gal 60 I. Of course tourists do raid his hideout and our man manages to fall in love with one such gal he saves as she falls off a parachute. The team Osher Chayun Oren Chincholkar Gabriel Zeev Cchchat Shlomi Korman Nir Dokarker Matan Rajpurkar Eyal Matz Levi Divekar Safania Naguakar Alexander Ozer Raz Ben Zaken Gal Matz Etamar Kehimkar Akshay Divekar.