gain meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gain meaning in tamil is இலாபம் பெறு

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Despite the differences between taxi operators and travel agents tourism continued to gain throughout the year. Similarly if the JDS stops calling the BJP communal it can gain control over the Tumkur and Bidar ZPs. For the Congress and the JDS the most prestigious ZP appears to be Mandya where they have failed to gain a majority. But the State Government was utilising the money to gain favour for the AIADMK in the coming election. In another two weeks we expect to gain possession of the land on both sides of the road up to the overbridge Mr. Aside from some brownie points the Nitish Kumar Government will gain little by continuing to blame Mr. It is unlikely that the Congress and the Janata Dal Secular will come together to gain control of the Tumkur Zilla Panchayat. Negi has four points and needs another 2.5 points from the next four rounds to gain his maiden ninegame GM norm. He nevertheless said the State Government too stood to gain by way of revenue generation through tourism. Kerala did not have a good outing but converted its chances and made fewer mistakes to gain the upperhand against Tamil Nadu which missed undertheboard baskets and committed too many fumbles to virtually gift the match away to Kerala. The key message is you dont need to smoke to gain social acceptance and that smoking is not cool. This message is likely to have a stronger impact on teenagers than mundane facts about hazards of smoking or gory images of canceraffected body parts. Speaking to presspersons here he maintained that no decision has been taken yet with regard to having a tieup with the Congress to gain control over various zilla and taluk panchayats in the State.