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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gag meaning in tamil is நகைச்சுவைப் பேச்சு, கேலி

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Referring to the suspension they accused the Government of adopting dictatorial attitude and trying to gag their voice. Similar was the controversial order issued by former Vizag Collector Praveen Prakash seeking to gag two Telugu dailies. Though the Government had tried to make amends it could not escape from blame for trying to gag the voice of people and it did not matter which party was in the opposition. As a lawabiding citizen he chose to surrender before the magistrate he said adding that foisting cases would not deter AIADMK cadres from opposing the minority Government. Maintaining that there was no truth in the complaint he said it was yet another attempt to gag the voice of the Opposition. A gag on discussion conceded to one religion will result in a similar demand being made by other religions. The Zila Pramukh of Dholpur Kishen Pandit had also negotiated with the contacts of the Parihar gag during the period it is being pointed out. Addressing the meeting of the Haryana Patrakar Sangh at Hissar on Sunday he asserted that the previous government used every chance weapon or device to control and gag the press but the Hooda regime would never interfere with the working of the press. What held back the people from the streets was not only the curfew and the gag on the media but a television clip showing Gen. Shah also said that the gag order issued to the players through a letter not to talk individually to the mediapersons on the tour was nothing new but continuation of the policy that the BCCI followed and was done only as a reminder.