gadget meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gadget meaning in tamil is உபகரணம்

gadget meaning in tamil with example

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Bottom line If we can bet on the one gadget that is mostly likely to be added to most city homes in 2006 it will be the set top box or the directtohome dish whichever is a better bargain just before the FIFA Soccer World Cup kicks off in Germany. Instead Pittsburgh successfully completed its gadget play for the clinching score typical of the fortune that carried it through an eightgame winning streak. The gadget gives instant printout with vehicle number name of the motorist alcohollevel in his breath and name of the officer conducting the check. Guard reader Under the new system the beat constables have to carry guard reader an electronic gadget resembling remote control of a television. Not everyone had welcomed the gadget that Atwood launched on Sunday called the LongPen which is designed to allow authors to be in one place while signing their books in real time in another. New gadget As part of the ongoing modernisation drive Pump Action Gun that could spray rubber bullets on unruly mobs for crowd dispersal one each has been given to the Coimbatore City and Coimbatore Rural District. The sleek Cognizantbranded iPod video gadget comes with a 30GB memory chip and can store 7500 songs 12500 photographs and 75 hours of video recording. EVM was a tamperproof and errorfree gadget and the entire polling data recorded in it would be retained even when power pack was removed. British officials unveiled a reallife version of James Bonds secret gadget factory on Tuesday as part of a plan to fight terrorism complete with bombdetecting robots and remotecontrolled chemical agent scanners.