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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
funny meaning in tamil is வேடிக்கையான

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Lit up for the occasion Janpath and the graceful pillared corridors of Connaught Place were full of children holding colourful balloons wearing funny hats and blowing shiny horns to welcome the New Year. In the city where changing to even third gear is a great luxury in view of the traffic snarls it is rather funny to make wearing of helmets compulsory. I go back to my school days when I stand here he told the audience and shared a few funny experiences he had had with them. After an eventful final that saw some funny moments lots of lewdness glimpses of hostility and plenty of exhibitionary affection onstage the judges decided that they couldnt go with the original plan of three VJs as the choice from the last four was too difficult. There is this funny subcontinental concept that spectators swarm the ODI arenas only to watch the ball disappearing over the ropes. Suggest funny ways to teach the builders a fitting lesson and in their own inimitable way.Cut off essential supplies to their houses create a benami certificate and claim his house is yours. And they have done it very successfully and with my funny old background father was from Andhra its a great pleasure for me to see that. Call it a chance happening or quirk of fate Sri Venkateswara Universitys 47th annual convocation on Sunday passed through some funny moments. Culture is a story enacted by a group of people who define what is good and bad what is right and wrong and what is funny and what is not funny. Keep your values in the closet and you might just enjoy Mel Brooks film with many a funny joke many a ribtickler.