frustration meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
frustration meaning in tamil is விரக்தியடை

frustration meaning in tamil with example

frustration tamil meaning and more example for frustration will be given in tamil.
Parrikar who visited the village where tension prevails said the real issue is not stone crushers but the peoples frustration over land titles. Ina way the politics of intrigue indulged in by most of our politicians is because of their desperation for power and the frustration of not being able to wield it most of the time. Not to be left out completely Srichaphan did come up with a shot or two but it seemed to stem more out of frustration and irritation than a need to grab a point. The blistering critique by Brigadier Nigel AylwinFoster who was the second most senior officer responsible for training Iraqi security forces reflects criticism and frustration voiced by British commanders about American military tactics. If Pakistan wants to express a sense of frustration about the lack of progress on Kashmir and the need for Mr. Mishra said instead of throwing stones at others and taking out its frustration on opposition parties at its lack of base in Uttar Pradesh the Congress party should try and work on the ground. M.K. Balakrishnan Nayar Thrissur Lobbying will do the trick After having experienced the bitterness and frustration of several budgets so far common sense dictates that we had better be indifferent to them. Frustrated lot As the day drew towards a close the Pakistani pacemen Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Sami revealed their frustration by indulging in gamesmanship. Palpable frustration As one listens to Mr. Feast of frustration No one could deny that a day in the office is a feast of irritation frustration and sheer wonderment at the ridiculous things that your fellow human beings can say and do with apparently no sense of shame.