fruits meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fruits meaning in tamil is பழங்கள்

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A few medium irrigation projects had been completed but the fruits of such efforts were not reaching the farmers due to nonallocation of water. The Minister explained that the farmers losing their lands with fruits orchards would get a compensation of Rs. He said people in the region could enjoy the fruits of the two lift schemes very soon as they would be would be completed under a timebound programme. Maintain a farm where fresh vegetables and fruits will be grown raise dairy and poultry of my own to avoid adulterated food. Muralikrishna distributed the sweets and fruits in Parthi colony on the city outskirts last night on behalf of the SP. Utensils distributed Members of Gaddam Venkateswarlu and Nagaratnamma Trust on Monday distributed steel glasses plates and fruits among students of Vijayawada Municipal Corporation Primary School in onetown. With several developed countries already investing huge amounts in nanoresearch the time had come for the country to enter the field on an equal footing.We should not merely receive the fruits of research we should start contributing the distinguished scientist said. Horticulturists who have achieved record yields using micro irrigation facilities biofertilisers export of fruits and flowers and doing floriculture under green house conditions will be awarded. 151 Special Correspondent Fruits show KOZHIKOD. The fruits and flower show of Kozhikode Horticultural Development Society scheduled to be held from January 25 to 30 has been postponed to February 7 to 12 according to a statement by M.