fruit meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fruit meaning in tamil is பழம்

fruit meaning in tamil with example

fruit tamil meaning and more example for fruit will be given in tamil.
Hu said China will strive to achieve fast and sound economic and social development and enable all people to enjoy the fruit of reform and development in 2006. 95000 per acre for dry lands and Rs. 1.3 lakhs per acre for land with fruit orchards with irrigation facility. Besides the compensation to be paid per fruit plant raised in such lands was also announced by the Minister. Absence of a perimeter fence multiple entries to the building existence of eateries fruit stalls banks an ATM counter and the treasury inside the Vidhana Soudha premises and free entry and exit to the adjoining Legislators Home are considered to be major security hazards. The team learnt that this transgenic variety was being apparently developed to create resistance in the okra plant to fruit and shoot borer pests Earias by inserting a Bt gene called Cry1Ac. In subsequent phases farmers owning private land would be encouraged to take up fruit tree plantation. Loans would be provided for setting up small enterprises such as vegetable shops tailoring and embroidery centres flower shops fruit processing units pickles and jelly milk products bakery internet data processing electrical services motor rewinding hotels and lamination centres. Sujanapal also felt in the afforestation programmes preference should be given to fruit bearing and other trees useful to people rather than trees like acacia and eucalyptus that had been extensively planted. Contests were organised in different categories such as gardens lawns vegetable and fruit carving and floral arrangement.