frightening meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
frightening meaning in tamil is பயங்கரமான, அச்சம் தரவல்ல

frightening meaning in tamil with example

frightening tamil meaning and more example for frightening will be given in tamil.
That experiment ended in disaster four years ago when a country that once stood head and shoulders above its poorer South American neighbours descended into frightening chaos. The Government owed an explanation to the people on how the debt position had reached such frightening levels especially when no development activities had taken place. What is even more frightening is that it is the families in South Mumbai according to surveys who were killing their girls. They chase two wheelers frightening the rider and persons on the pillion he said pointing out that there were two accidents in the past three weeks in his area. Over and above the frightening implications for the environment there is a dreadful human cost as well. No regrets But her mother Yumi Katagiri has no regrets about putting her daughter into the frightening Sundayafternoon session. They England were denied by Suresh Raina who at 19 is more than a year younger than anyone in the England team and is a cricketer of such frightening potential that a nations collective frown about life after Sachin Tendulkar might even begin to ease said the Guardian. There are frightening accounts of hiding in foxholes chestdeep in cold water or nearly suffocating in underground bunkers. Terrorism remains the more distant 151 if more frightening 151 worry during the tournament which begins on June 9 and concludes with the final in Berlins 1936 Olympic Stadium on July 9. The British Government has taken rapid and substantial steps towards turning the United Kingdom into a police state and frightening accounts of encounters with officialdom have been published.