friendly meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
friendly meaning in tamil is நட்புணர்வு, நட்பார்ந்த

friendly meaning in tamil with example

friendly tamil meaning and more example for friendly will be given in tamil.
Hu said China actively developed friendly cooperative relations with all countries in 2005 and made endeavours to the solution of major international and regional issues. Customs inspectors at major Indian airport gateways have become expert in recognising these devices on the Xray scanners and let them pass with a friendly wave 151 as long as you bring in just one piece for personal use. Vishnuvardhan now working on Pattiyil with Arya in the lead spent about an hour online talking to scores of fans from Coffee connecting almost instantly with tongueincheek humour and friendly digs. Kirchner is commanding a stunning 80 per cent approval rating in opinion polls thanks in part to his hardnosed attitude towards the IMF and his friendly ties with antiBush Latin American leaders such as Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. While the agenda for the meeting would be fixed through diplomatic channels the two sides had now reached an important consensus to proceed from the overall situation of developing friendly relations and to make positive efforts to promote the process of borderissue talks Mr. From attempting to evolve the attitude of the people to a friendly mode for the physically challenged to offering new training programmes for them to come up in life the public sector unit is creating a new social revolution. With the successful development of the multirole Light Combat Aircraft indigenously India is ready to collaborate with friendly countries to develop the Medium Combat Aircraft to meet the future defence needs.