freshness meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
freshness meaning in tamil is புதுமையான

freshness meaning in tamil with example

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The side will thus have three pacemen to take advantage of any freshness in the surface if it fields first and still have two spinners when the ball starts spinning from possibly the third day. Relishing the freshness in the wicket and moving the white ball appreciably ManoftheMatch prised out the openers and retuned to snare Shahid Afridi in his second spell. Add to this the passion that burns in Gong Li and the freshness and fluidity that flows from Ziyi Zhang and the result is a fantasy that stirs ones deepest desires. Bhagoria the festival of love celebrated amidst the freshness of phagun month and spring winds attracts a lot of tourists as well who throng to witness the unique ceremony. In a release the estate said it had invested in stateoftheart tea processing technology and vacuum packaging technology to capture the freshness of its teas and seal their rich antioxidants that give teas their unique healing properties. More than as a festival the event is known for the change in season marked by freshness and activity it brings along with it after a hiatus during the dewdrenched sloppy winter. Manikkams selection the party has once again relied on organisational strength and freshness in fighting the former minister A. A freshness of mind and what India should be that influenced him to be mature in thought and finetuned to performance. Its Anna Park has received a facelift with hundreds of varieties of blooms that have been nurtured in the hill station itself adding freshness to it.