fresh meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fresh meaning in tamil is பத்தம் புதிய

fresh meaning in tamil with example

fresh tamil meaning and more example for fresh will be given in tamil.
Legal opinion is that it does not require any fresh legislation or amendment to existing laws and can be implemented under existing provisions of the Constitution he said. The Tamil Nadu Educational Trust has said it has selected 249 fresh students studying in professional postgraduate and graduate courses for awarding scholarships to the tune of Rs. 9.20 lakh for the academic year 200506. The team has been invited despite a declaration by United Nations representative Craig Jenness that the elections were transparent and credible. He also stressed that there was no justification for fresh elections thereby negating the Sunni demand for it in some areas. Jana Reddy for granting remission of sentence and releasing from jail Muzeeb Ahmed who was recently arrested in a fresh case related to terrorist activities. The confederation also sought a revision of the RBI guidelines so that the entire portion of interest is waived off in the event of crop loss and the principal amount is rescheduled while providing fresh loan. Speaker Therambil Ramakrishnan said that he shared the happiness of the Malayalis in ushering in the New Year which brought with it fresh hopes. The order states that no reward will be given to any employee at the Headquarters without prior approval of the Special Commissioner of Police Administration till a fresh rewards policy is worked out. Singh said the Corporation had taken up a fresh survey of encroachments on water bodies and would soon evict them after issuing notices.