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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
frequency meaning in tamil is அடிக்கடி

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New water connection It would increase the frequency and quantity of water supplied. He explains that it worked on the basic principle that when capacitance increases frequency decreases. Generally people believe tsunamis are huge tidal waves but they are actually caused by quakes on the seabed along fault lines he says. The Special Event Station at Shravanabelagola would be a high frequency HF station with capability of contacting many stations with power of 100 watts he added. This round attracted 104 bids and the highest was for Chandigarh where Reliance Entertainments Adlabs Films Ltd picked up a frequency for Rs. Adlabs and South Asia were the key players in this round bidding for a frequency in each of the 21 cities. Quality With the expansion of frequency modulation the radio has become closer to the listener. Viswanathan said the Crystal Growth Centre had submitted a major proposal to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for developing high power and high frequency electron devices and modulators for telecommunications. We request the railway authorities to install ticket counters on both platforms and to build a footoverbridge to avoid accidents and to increase frequency of trains in this section. The buses will initially ply at a frequency of 30 minutes and have stops at Cauvery Bhavan Corporation Shanthinagar Bus Station Lakkasandra Muneshwara Temple St. were the main players in this round bidding for a frequency in all 17 cities and picking up 15 each.