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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
french meaning in tamil is பிரெஞ்சு மொழி, பிரான்ஸ் நாட்டவர்

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A translation of Chemmeen in French is well received by the lovers of fiction among the French readers. The book Chemmeen un amour indien has been made available in France through the efforts of publisher Raj de Condappa a French national who has an Indian lineage. The French translations are available at Mattancherry frequented by tourists from France and other countries. There are frequent enquiries for these books from the French visitors says Shyam Kumar proprietor of Idiom Booksellers Mattancherry. These books are prized collections to the French tourists who want to know more about Kerala and its cultural heritage he adds. He has twice won the French Open played for India at the Olympics been among the worlds top 20 players for two years and is at present Indias Chief National Coach. Parimarjan Negi missed a possible victory before holding ninthseeded French International Master Jean Pierre Le Roux in the third round of the Hastings Masters chess tournament at Hastings in United Kingdom on Friday. Technopure the company engaged to carry out decontamination of the decommissioned French aircraftcarrier Clemenceau told The HolyIndia that it had ended its contract with SDIC Ship Decommissioning Industry Corporation the Panamaregistered company that acquired the ship. A French court on Friday ruled that the four groups had raised no serious doubts about the legality of the Clemenceaus transfer. The French Government claims that the ship contains an estimated 160 tonnes of asbestos 115 tonnes of which it says it has removed.