freezer meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
freezer meaning in tamil is உறைய வைக்கும் கருவி

freezer meaning in tamil with example

freezer tamil meaning and more example for freezer will be given in tamil.
While storing insulin at home it should never be kept in the freezer but in the door of the refrigerator. The new models in the regular category have features such as cool pack for maintaining freezer temperatures and high versatility compressor. Harish said that the threeday mela would showcase the flat panel range comprising LCD televisions and plasma panels along with low mounted freezer refrigerators. Lamy did not agree with those who suggested the Doha round be put in the freezer for two years and then revive it when the U.S. administration changes. The Rs.30 lakh three storyed building will have rest rooms cloak room telecom centre and also a freezer facility to help the inland fishermen community. 16000 151 less than half the cost of the market price while Terumo Penpol specialised in blood bankingrelated products ranging from blood bags to minus 80 degree deep freezer that can preserve plasma for three years. Its members mostly leading industrialists merchants and traders had agreed to build a mortuary with freezer equipment and a spacious waiting shed. It will be built in the Corporations Thopumpady yard and will have facilities such as deep freezer and radar. The Kerala State Cooperative Federation for Fisheries Development Limited Matsyafed will commission its second blast tunnel freezer on Monday to enable it process at least 48 tonnes of fish daily doubling its present capacity. The new freezer is being commissioned at a cost of around Rs.29 lakh and will be enough for the Cooperative to ship a 40foot container of frozen fish daily.