fraud meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fraud meaning in tamil is மோசடி

fraud meaning in tamil with example

fraud tamil meaning and more example for fraud will be given in tamil.
Fear of electronic fraud and the danger of confidential data falling into wrong hands are hindering the growth of financial transactions over the Internet Krishnan Dhandapani chair professor Florida International Bankers Association said here on Saturday. Chit fund fraud alleged Some employees of the Postal Department on Friday approached the Abids police alleging that one of their colleagues Srinivasa Reddy had cheated them to the tune of Rs. The problem of click fraud remains 151 although today Marissa Mayer the companys vicepresident of search products is more reassuring. For the Mountain View company click fraud has the potential to become the kind of technological arms race that has been a drag on Microsoft in its battle against everchanging security threats. There is no question that Googles ad system is still a runaway success but with click fraud on the radar it is a good time to be exploring new revenue streams. They said the officer concerned has admitted the fraud committed by him before a meeting of the society members. The intention behind the fraud is to corner shares multiple applications improve their chances of a large allotment at the cost of genuine investors. Galloway who is facing the prospects of being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office SFO in connection with the oilforfood kickback allegations. For instance money laundering and evading taxes are known to exist in a system where even a fairlyeasytoperpetrate fraud such as the one involving multiple applications persists despite being expressly forbidden.