fragrance meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fragrance meaning in tamil is மணம்

fragrance meaning in tamil with example

fragrance tamil meaning and more example for fragrance will be given in tamil.
Store thousands of litres of fragrance and get sprayed in and around it 24x7 so that I escape from the stink of Musi. Hall of Madurai Kamaraj University was fully decorated with kolams rangolis of various sorts and fragrance pervaded the hall with kolams drawn with flowers grains and vegetables. The fragrance did provide for a pleasant ambience but then the grievances of the cultivators projected their very livelihood as being at stake. Pradeep Guha a cosmetic shop owner said that many beauty and skincare and fragrance products carried aromatherapy label. But many products carrying the label contained fragrance or perfume oils or other synthetic ingredients. Jasmine grown in the area had more number of petals and pleasant fragrance than those from other areas. Traditional way In a mandap redolent with the fragrance of lilies the two exchanged garlands and started on a new journey. An air of divinity surrounds the ashram where visitors can smell the fragrance of truth love and compassion and oneness and sanctity of life. Among his disciples there is nothing called blood lineage as the Ustad spread the fragrance of his knowledge and sur far and wide among anonymous seekers. But how many know that the whole package of aroma that comes along with a steam treatment and body massage can soothe both the body and mind right away. Both the floral fragrance and herbal effects are among the in things now. Dasa Sahitya had the apt language and method for spreading the message and fragrance of the puranas samhitas and vedas to the common people.