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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fowl meaning in tamil is வளர்ப்புப் பறவை

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In all 311 serum samples 105 dropping samples of migratory birds and one dead domesticated fowl were sent to the ADDL through the Bangalorebased Southern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. While the domesticated poultry battles the avian flu amid much global attention the original chicken the wild red jungle fowl is practically counting its days before being pushed off the cliff to extinction. With prominent scientists of the opinion that the true red jungle fowl is endangered and may be extinct in many areas with many being replaced by genetically mixed jungle fowls voices of concern and apprehension about the fate of this wild fowl are being raised by researchers the world over. With some literature indicating that the pure red jungle fowl had been extinct in Malaysia since the early 1900s the main cause for the disappearance of this spectacular fowl is known to be interbreeding and the destruction of the natural habitat. In the wild the red jungle fowl are found associated with Sal forests and cultivated lands up to an elevation of 2000 metres. Similar measures have been taken by Turkish Cypriot officials who culled some 700 fowl in Makrasyka. 151 Staff Reporter Over 1000 chicks die Alappuzha Over 1000 chicks perished when a truck carrying the fowl overturned after hitting a divider on the National Highway at Cherthala near here today. A viruses and direct or indirect contact of domestic birds with wild water fowl could spread the virus. The department was fully geared up to tackle any emergency though none of the 1249 sera samples collected from wild and domestic fowl and sent to Animal Disease Laboratory Bhopal had tested positive for the avian flu virus Animal Husbandry Secretary Vishwanath Shegaonkar told reporters.