fortress meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fortress meaning in tamil is கோட்டை, மாளிகை

fortress meaning in tamil with example

fortress tamil meaning and more example for fortress will be given in tamil.
Early morning the Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium turned into a khaki fortress with a posse of policemen led by assistant commissioners of police M. The Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan housing the AAI and the Civil Aviation Ministry was barricaded and virtually turned into a fortress by policemen and security personnel. The legend According to legend if the ravens leave the 11th century fortress on the Thames its White Tower will crumble and the Kingdom of England will fall. Despite globalisation the cultural gap is becoming increasingly difficult to bridge as people become trapped by prejudices misconceptions and besieged fortress mindsets. Offering a glimpse into an exploratory journey the retrospective will feature a bust of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore made in plaster of Paris plus an oil painting of a fortress in Bhutan and the pen sketch of a Mughal monument. The Congress which has fielded as many as 16 candidates from the community has been making all out efforts to keep its fortress by trying to drive home the point that whatever development has taken place in the tea garden areas the party must get credit for it. He told The HolyIndia It is intended to break away from convention. Generally leaders of established political parties prefer to contest from their native places or constituencies considered to be a fortress of their party. The Mararikulam Assembly constituency in the district could be termed a red fortress which has returned candidates of Left parties on most occasions since the first elections to the State Assembly in 1957.