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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
formulation meaning in tamil is வடிவமைத்தல், முன்வரைவு, திட்டமிடுதல்

formulation meaning in tamil with example

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Though the zoo has reported success in taking care of elephants giraffes and gaur and has prepared a special formulation of liquid diet to enable the young ones to develop immunity the survival rate is reckoned to be bleak if the calf is not suckled by its mother. An herbal geriatric formulation from a Bangalorebased pharma company was altered with less metallic content and more of the herb Ashwagandha especially for the army. After an inspection of the flooded areas early December the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa called for the formulation of a longterm plan. The Director of the Department Vaithianathan said that the abstract of statistics would enable the formulation of plan schemes for development of Pondicherry. In fact the formulation doing the rounds in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh circles was this the RamLaxman pair had debuted together and would exit together. Though it sought a recasting of the 15point programme without any new welfare scheme the Minority SubPlan to be developed could consider formulation of new developmental schemes to address specific issues of backwardness of the Muslim community the plenary said. The VLA led by its coordinator Ananth Hegde Ashishar referred to the several projects in the Western Ghats in Karnataka to make out a case for the formulation of a new policy for the NPV. The Commission has sought to enlist the experience of prominent Goans and requested educationist entrepreneurs and professionals from nearly every walk of life to give their opinion to help in policy formulation of the State he said.