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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
formulate meaning in tamil is புனையப்பட்டுதல்

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In the light of the Constitution amendment on reservation in admissions to private professional institutions for Schedule Castes Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes the State Government has decided to table a Bill in the immediate possible legislature session to formulate its own rules. Another decision was to formulate policy initiatives to encourage generation of jobs investment in the agriculture manufacturing and services sectors. He asked the Home Secretary to coordinate with the various voluntary agencies and Government departments and formulate a comprehensive programme. Geelani who has gone to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj all likeminded separatists would sit and formulate a joint strategy to counter these hollow theories such as selfrule. She said it was a vague concept. Unfortunately despite the repeated attacks no attempt has been made by the State Government to formulate a comprehensive antiNaxal policy and equip the police force with modern weapons. After lifetime validity plans differential tariffs have come under the scrutiny of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India which is planning to formulate policies to check discrimination in such tariffs charged by operators for calls made within their own network and those of others. However officials say that unlike in Hyderabad where last week the courts cleared the way for the state government to implement its compulsory helmet policy from February here the state Government is yet to formulate a similar policy.