forgiveness meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
forgiveness meaning in tamil is மன்னிப்பளித்தல்

forgiveness meaning in tamil with example

forgiveness tamil meaning and more example for forgiveness will be given in tamil.
Shetty were scurrilous and serious in nature which warranted punishment the judges said they would like to put an end to the proceedings by showing forgiveness and generosity. He left behind a suicide note in which he purportedly asked forgiveness from his wife for not being able to address his problems. Sarma at every meeting seeks the forgiveness of the people for any unintended mistake he might have made as MLA in the past and for any misunderstanding between him and the electorate. But most of this went to relatively few countries with Iraq alone accounting for 14 billion of the total 23 billion in loan forgiveness by creditor countries in 2005. Universal Forgiveness Day was observed in Ganadipathy Tulsis Engineering College GTEC at Kaniyambadi near here on Friday which was also the inaugural day for the first year students of the college. So she advised her friends to stop harassing Sita and seek Her forgiveness as in the event of Ravanas destruction they were all sure to earn the wrath of Rama and Lakshmana. Bhattacharjee said on the momentous day she also remembered her grandmother Kasturba Gandhi who was a symbol of truth forgiveness and represented the traditional Indian women. First he fought to end South Africas apartheid regime and despite enduring torture and 10 years in jail he embraces the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation that is the hallmark of the new South Africa. In the court he called for national reconciliation and cited Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ who taught forgiveness for all those who opposed them.