forgive meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
forgive meaning in tamil is மன்னி

forgive meaning in tamil with example

forgive tamil meaning and more example for forgive will be given in tamil.
It went For distorting your face by creating a human habitation at this little space here O Mother Nature forgive us. As trees in the distant forest are cut for making it O birds who will lose their nests forgive us The puja was for the organic campus being constructed along the banks of the Chalakudy River. Gandhi hoped that the year ahead would bring happiness peace and prosperity and noted that the festival was an occasion to renew friendship to forgive and forget the conflict and bitterness of the past. Andal in the Tiruppavai says If we come pure and strew fresh flowers with songs on our lips and feeling in our hearts and offer praise with joined hands to our Lord Damodara... then He will forgive our past misdeeds and even what remains will disappear like cotton unto fire. Lone exception We can forgive Owais Shah the sixth England debutant in this winter of discontent for getting out on 88. I will not forgive If I forgive them I will cease to be a human being. We must take brave decisions otherwise history will not forgive us. The CPI M leader who is also the Kulgam MLA urged the Centre to restore all Constitutional powers to the State under Article 370. After all he is my father and he will forget and forgive if he thinks I have done anything wrong in the course of recent political developments he said. Please forgive us but you can see Captain sitting up here says the speaker from the Tempo Traveller the third vehicle in the convoy. But given that Western journalists are so constrained by the security situation that most of the country has simply become invisible to them you can forgive the films limitations.