forget meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
forget meaning in tamil is மறந்துவிடு

forget meaning in tamil with example

forget tamil meaning and more example for forget will be given in tamil.
He was impressed with Jinnahs remarks that after the founding of Pakistan all citizens should forget whether they were Hindus or Muslims they could go to their temples churches and mosques but they would all be Pakistans citizens. New Delhi must not forget what Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has been unwaveringly clear about since May 21 1991 the Tamil is a virulently antiIndia force and no quarter should be yielded to it or to its chauvinist supporters in this country. What the police higherups seem to forget is that the persons they arrested were earlier nabbed on similar charges. With localised information and incisive observations the supplement brings out what is in store not to forget that distinct local flavour. The final confirmation of this mainstreaming came when David Cameron picked development as one of his six key themes on becoming leader of Britains Opposition Conservative party even if he did forget to deliver that bit of his memorised speech. Instead of bringing the minorities into the mainstream politicians are ensuring that they do not forget their minority status and that they remain insecure. II 1200m rated 20 to 35 Global Gal Dont Forget Me Midnight Madness 58.5 Rajesh Babu 1 Exclaim 58.5 Suraj Narredu 2 Hawaiian Sunrise 56.5 Srinath 3 and Alagi 52 Vivek 4. Railway staff do not forget the blow they received in the May 1974 strike when some leaders themselves got admitted in hospitals or stayed in their offices in advance during the strike period and were labelled loyal workers whereas the innocent employees became scapegoats.