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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
foreword meaning in tamil is ஆசிரியர் விளக்கம்

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Sivasankari litterateur who wrote the foreword for the Tamil version said the books message could motivate not just the cancerstricken but any patient or for that matter just about anyone who was feeling low in spirit. Singh recalled the fine spirit in which Indias first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru wrote a Foreword to his 1954 book for UNESCO titled INDIA Paintings from Ajanta caves. The Foreword to his new book has been written by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and this time there is a preface by the Director General of UNESCO. Sukumaran in his foreword to the book has praised the great care taken by Saseendran now an advocate after his retirement from Government employment in writing it. The book which has a foreword written by the president of World Congress of Faiths will be formally released in the city on April 18. The books foreword titled Coorg for the first time visitor is penned by author C.P. Belliappa and illustrated by cartoonist N.S. Ponnappa. Aimed at tourists The 110page book which has a foreword by ayurveda physician K. SPCB chairman I.A. Khan in his foreword note said the study would provide the basic inputs needed for religious tourism development on the PahalgamAmarnath stretch with proper ecological balance. Jyothis first book The Power of Human Relations was published by Pearson in June 2004 and had the foreword written by Kiran Karnik president Nasscom. In a foreword to the report U.N. SecretaryGeneral Kofi Annan says Governments and aid agencies have traditionally emphasised the improvement of rural areas because that is where the vast majority of the worlds poor live.