forefront meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
forefront meaning in tamil is முன்னணி

forefront meaning in tamil with example

forefront tamil meaning and more example for forefront will be given in tamil.
The development works initiated by the Government ensured that the State was in the forefront in development indices he claimed. Though 30 years ago patients were forced to buy blood in unsafe conditions today professional blood donation had nearly been eliminated in most States with Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra at the forefront of the voluntary blood donor movement. Hardly at the forefront of altruistic repute Exxon too is a member of the global partnership to Roll Back Malaria. The money it makes from the Saudiproduced resin Exxon gives back to UNICEF to buy more nets to try to create a mosquito net market. Kerala Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are in the forefront of forming Statelevel Information Commissions in tune with provisions of the recently passed Right to Information Act Information Commissioner Central Information Commission Padma Balasubramanian said here on Thursday. In other ways too public sector banks were in the forefront of reaching out to sections that were once neglected. Madhavan Nair said on Monday that India can be in the forefront in the next 10 years if our knowledge resource is properly utilised. Though the Mahamasthakabhisheka at Shravanabelogala is less than a month away H.P. Prema Kumari brought Jainology into forefront at the Crawford Hall. The country has witnessed progress since Independence and it is to the credit of the leaders of the freedom struggle who later took on the reigns of power that the India is now in the forefront in fields such as science and technology.