forefathers meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
forefathers meaning in tamil is மூதாதையர்கள்

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He said while it makes perfect business sense to manufacture electronic products in India and export them he also wants to repay the debt he owes to this land and society where his forefathers lived. Gnanasekharan Vellore MLA said great men like Thiruvalluvar besides our forefathers had stressed the need for discipline in life. Those in power should read their history textbooks again to realise that our forefathers fought valiantly against imperialism. The 16th century manuscripts written on copper plates contained documents relating to handing over of revenue land by the Pandyan rulers to the forefathers of Mr. Many tribals claimed that as the forefathers were unlettered they did not posses any documentary evidence to stake their claims for a certificate. Majority of the people have stored the manuscripts and other ancient documents as an honour to their forefathers and elders. When your harvest is bountiful and you are able to win greater productivity than our forefathers on the same piece of land you see science in action. A few elderly people in the area have heard from their forefathers about holding a festival of this magnitude says P.A. Narayanan chairman programme committee. I do not remember of having ever heard from my forefathers about holding an event of this magnitude octogenarian Pokkan who is associated with the festival said. However the condition of a large population of the community whose forefathers were brought by the British to Assam is best measured described by the plight of workers of the Usha tea estate.