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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
forecast meaning in tamil is முன் அறிவிப்பு

forecast meaning in tamil with example

forecast tamil meaning and more example for forecast will be given in tamil.
As we can forecast the climatic changes for about 6 Km radius with this weather station we are planning to pass on the predictions to the farmers in some areas of Nanguneri taluk. As we can forecast the climatic changes for a 6km radius we are planning to pass on the forecast to farmers in the Nanguneri taluk. Armed with the forecast made by this station farmers could begin farming operations or take precautionary measures to protect crops said T. Kalpa 10 cm and Bhang in Manali also got snow even as weather forecast predicted another spell of heavy snow in the state over the next two days. The Met has forecast moderate to rather heavy rain for many places in Punjab and Haryana over the next two days. The weatherman has forecast no respite from the cold wave in the next 24 hours and snowfall is likely in neighbouring Uttaranchal. The BBC has forecast a minimum of 1 degree Celsius for this coming Friday after which the weather is likely to improve. On the contrary the Meteorological Department officials here have forecast a rise in the night temperature to around 5 to 6 degrees Celsius over the next couple of days. The situation is worse than it has been for many years and the hardest months are still ahead of us. The crisis hit as Kenya forecast a surplus harvest of 62500 metric tonnes of maize. The met office has forecast light rainfall or thundershowers at several places in west UP including Meerut Agra Moradabad and Bareilly divisions. Forecast not encouraging Both sides went through their practice sessions on a bright sunny afternoon here the forecast for the days ahead is not too encouraging though.