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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ford meaning in tamil is ஆற்றைக் கடக்கக் கூடிய, ஆழமற்ற இடம், துறை, ஆற்றை நடந்து கடந்து போ

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Khosla said the lawyers were against foreign organisations like Ford Foundation training judges and funding the mediation cells. The Telugu University and Ford Foundation gave some funds with which it could sustain itself for about four years. Scepticism increased when he chose a drug rehabilitation clinic in Fidel Castros Cuba over the Betty Ford centre in California and when he chose to have a gastric belt operation in Colombia better known for leftist guerrillas and drug barons than for surgeons. Urbanisation as a strategy however will not be easy to implement as the population growth in rural India is high and the migration of crores of people from villages can be economically and politically destabilising according to Abhijit Banerjee Ford Foundation Professor of Economics MIT. The hottest seller of the Sixties the Ford Mustang once driven by the Hollywood legend Marylyn Monroe came back in a new avatar and what a stunner it was. He either by his own logic legitimates terror or he admits that he is offering only a Henry Ford kind of democracy you can have whatever colour car you like 151 so long as its black. A release from Arvind Mathew Managing Director of Ford India said that the company has received over 9000 bookings for Ford Fiesta till date. The workshop has been jointly organised by the Department of Fisheries the Fisheries Economics Department of the Fisheries College and Dakshina Kannada Parisarasktara Okkoota in collaboration with the Ford Foundation through the Covenant Centre for Development based in Madurai.