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Kalam said Today the footprints of India and China are increasingly visible and have made an impact on the global landscape in diverse areas. Governor T.N. Chaturvedi who inaugurated the conference also recalled the services of many illustrious AngloIndians who had left their indelible footprints on the history of Bangalore and indeed the entire country. The villagers heaved a sigh of relief only after the forest officials who examined the footprints confirmed that they belonged to a jackal. On close examination forest officials came to the conclusion that they were not pug marks of panther but footprints left by a jackal. The tale of Multan built and rebuilt and carrying the footprints of Alexander the Great is also one of survival. The Court said it was admitted by the investigation officer that no fingerprints footprints or other marks which were helpful in identifying the accused were found. Developed by the World Space Foundation based in the U.S. The World Space network has three geostationary satellites that have footprints or spot beams over six continents. The figures which have prompted new calls for tighter restrictions on corporate pollution show that efforts by individuals and households to cut their carbon footprints will make little difference unless accompanied by greater action by industry. Discussions and presentation of papers by experts on wetland conservation global warming and rightsizing of ecological footprints were also held at the seminar. The celebrations will invariably include depiction of local cultures and honouring those who had left footprints on the Adilabadi sands of time.