footprint meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
footprint meaning in tamil is கால் தடம், காலடிச் சுவடு

footprint meaning in tamil with example

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This should not only make firms more competitive 151 thus helping to maintain and boost employment prospects 151 but reduce the environmental footprint of such firms or sectors on forests wildlife water sources and the ozone layer. We remain unclear as to both the quality and the quantity of our ecological footprint and whether we have taken actions that will lead to negative short and long term environmental consequences. According to a release the infusion of capital would enable Hidesign to further accelerate its retail footprint across key markets in Russia from the current number of fie stores in Moscow. With a recent decision to set up a greenfield venture in Jharkhand 151 its first in this country 151 Mittal Steel looks set to have a footprint in practically all steel producing and consuming countries. A flight to the east coast of America can add another two to three hectares on to your personal footprint for the year. Less obvious but increasingly significant is the amount of electronic gadgets and appliances we let into our lives each year. Visit where you can also calculate the footprint of your mobile phones or PCs. Giraffe Innovation one of the companies behind the sculpture specialises in charting the energy resources and emissions that go into electronic goods to give an accurate ecological footprint. Italys eco footprint is just twothirds that of the U.K. which is partly due to the fact that Italian families consume substantially less processed food.