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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
footpath meaning in tamil is ஒத்தடிப்பாதை, நடைபாதை

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Due to its strategic location at the starting point of the footpath leading to Tirumala which the pilgrims trekking to the hill temple take to fulfil a vow the mandapam is of late witnessing a heavy rush. Needless foothpath A footpath on the middle of a stretch of Mullassery Canal Road connecting Chittoor Road and Mahatma Gandhi Road is causing inconvenience to motorists. The issuance of eviction notices to footpath and street vendors by the MCH generated heat at the weekly meeting of the Standing Committee here on Tuesday. Shedding their egos pilgrims are found lying on the wayside footpath and wait in the longwinding queues for hours together braving the hot sun and the chilling cold for the holy darshan. Encroachment But the footpaths are encroached by hawkers and the corporation has reasoned that widening the road by reducing the width of the footpath may help clear it of hawkers. Seventeen motorcycles which were parked along the footpath at the northern entry of Medical Trust Hospital were also removed. The woman who was slightly injured sat on the footpath for some time as stunned passersby rushed to her help and went away without giving her name. His narration about the need to educate those on the footpath touched my heart and this made me agree to play the role he said. As far as taking bath and breakfast on footpath is concerned these are not at all new to a common citizen as in India 60 per cent of the population are below poverty line and dwell in slums and on footpaths.