footnote meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
footnote meaning in tamil is அடிக்குறிப்பு

footnote meaning in tamil with example

footnote tamil meaning and more example for footnote will be given in tamil.
The Varanasi bombings which snuffed out 20 innocent lives and injured a large number of people must not become one more grisly footnote in the history of a diabolical terror campaign that has claimed several hundreds of lives across India. A tragic footnote was the murder in Colombia of defender Andres Escobar who with an own goal against the United States caused his teams elimination from the competition. Sibals current visit could simply become another footnote in this recent history of toothless agreements. Taking Jamia beyond a footnote in the story of education institutions in the Indian nationalist movement this book narrates its full contribution. Some might argue about the merits of talking of the blasts that went off soon after the Babri Masjid demolition and might appear like all but a forgotten footnote of history now. That is enough as it will be a part of my family history and if my observations stand the test of the time I may remain a speck or a footnote in history.