foot meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
foot meaning in tamil is பாதம், அடி

foot meaning in tamil with example

foot tamil meaning and more example for foot will be given in tamil.
A ccording to Shree Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji the Vidwans were happy to set foot on Chandragiri. In many cases families celebrating the wedding organised grains and other provisions on their own but to avoid audit by officials foot note was printed on the invitation card requesting for the ration. When a meeting was organised here a few days ago to retrieve rare manuscripts from the public A.V. Reddy medical representative presented an wedding invitation received by his fathers brother in 1945 which contained the foot note. A whopping 1000 kg of flowers has gone into the decoration of the Srivari Padala Mandapam situated at the foot of Tirumala hills in Alipiri for the New Year eve. Anilkumar who was leading the Youth March of the Youth Congress was addressing a public function held at Taliparamba here to receive the foot march. 1 from Switzerland showing no signs of an extended layoff due to chronic foot injuries outplayed her opponent for the rest of the match. The 13050foot high Rohtang Pass which is also called the gateway to the district has been closed after the region received over a foot of snowfall since last night. The Chinese had a lot to cheer about otherwise as the rest of the Indian girls including National junior champion Poojashree Venkatesh Bhavani Tirumurti Gayatri Krishnan and Shivika Burman failed to win a set between them despite putting their best foot forward. The road margins are encroached upon railway foot over bridges and flyovers planned at key points remain incomplete.