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Nanje Gowda and former MLA Pramila Nesargi have urged the Government to take immediate steps to strengthen the police force to provide foolproof security to vital installations in Bangalore in the light of the increasing population of the city. Despite several warnings by intelligence agencies that terrorists could strike in Bangalore particularly at the Vidhana Soudha the State Government has reportedly not taken steps to ensure foolproof security to the building as recommended by the police and Central security agencies. The security personnel at the Vidhana Soudha do not have xray machines mail bomb parcel scanners and night vision devices which are essential for ensuring foolproof security the sources said. Raghuveera Reddy said the present distribution system was foolproof and ruled out the possibility of someone possessing bogus ration cards. Inept management Provision of foolproof facilities to such a mammoth congregation and that too in a place like Sabarimala is of course something humanly difficult. Help To address this he said State governments should seek help from the Centre to put in place a foolproof system that will ensure no employee is vulnerable to harassment or victimisation. He said the nuclear material accounting was foolproof in the country and that used nuclear material was properly accounted for to the last gram. He also urged the Union Government to seal the border between India and Bangladesh and ensure foolproof vigil along the border to ensure that there was no infiltration.