foolish meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
foolish meaning in tamil is முட்டாள்தனம், புத்தியீனம் , மதியீனம்

foolish meaning in tamil with example

foolish tamil meaning and more example for foolish will be given in tamil.
The decision wasnt tough for me at all but there was pressure from my mother and some relatives who strongly felt it was foolish not to join the MBBS course he told The HolyIndia at Kozhikode the other day. Lucky was she for some roti she saw Being made by a granny on a sunny verandah ... The children were thoroughly enjoying the story of the foolish crow in class five of the Panchayat Union School in Madambakkam in Chennai. Here even if the CBI made a foolish recommendation to permit defreezing the Union Law Minister had a duty to seek clarification from the CBI about all related matters that are pending concerning Quattrocchi. Dr. The purpose of the committee is to provide relief to lakhs of people in the Capital and the Congress would be foolish if it lets the BJP corner a share of the credit that could have farreaching political implications a senior party MP remarked. Devaraj who was instrumental in developing the aquarium and promoting research activities at the Vizhinjam centre during his tenure feels that it would be foolish to close down the facility. Sharing the view the party unit vicepresident Ramesh Bidhuri said the Congress should not take the public to be foolish and the Government should not test the patience of the villagers of Delhi otherwise the consequences would be dire. The BJP member of the State Assembly from Godhra Haresh Bhatt described it as a most foolish report and a mockery of justice. Deepak Shukla the VHP advocate before the NanavatiShah Commission pointed out the contradiction between the two bodies of the Railway Ministry.