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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
food meaning in tamil is உணவு

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food tamil meaning and more example for food will be given in tamil.
The detection of H1N1 virus in turkeys in Chile has raised concerns about poultry farms elsewhere in the world also becoming infected with the pandemic flu virus the Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO said on Thursday. ... IIMs to be set up in seven States NEW DELH. Lokanatham fair price shop dealers food inspectors and students took part in the valedictory function. In a statement issued here on Saturday Peter Fernando Archbishop of Madurai who is also president of the council said a token distribution of food for a few persons round the year at government expense was not part of Catholic tradition. Even occasional distribution of food for the poor should be done with contributions from devotees and it would not be meaningful to do it with government funding. In addition to this five thrust areas were identified apparel and textiles IT food processing wood pulp and pharma industry. Food park The Collector said that a food park would be set up to boost the food processing industries in Nuzvid Gampalagudem and Tiruvur areas. It may sound incredible but it was an acceptable social norm that guests attending a wedding function were to supply ration for the food they consumed to the host during wartime in preIndependence days. This coupled with recurring famines led to serious food shortage compelling the colonial government to place restrictions on the grain stock in each household. The administration has proposed to cover 240000 hectares under food and nonfood crops to achieve an agricultural production of 21.52 lakh tonnes during 200506.