follow meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
follow meaning in tamil is கருத்தில் கொண்டுவா

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On the other hand the four least developed members in the SAARC group 151 Bangladesh the Maldives Nepal and Bhutan 151 are expected to follow suit by 2018. The CPI M said categorically that this should be the path to follow rather than disinvestment of shares in profitable public sector enterprises. New Year is the time to indulge in wild parties and wash oneself with the booze to dance all through the night enjoy fireworks take part in parades and follow the regional traditions and customs. Special counters opened by the Bazaar at Rythu Bazaars will follow the holiday schedule of the Rythu Bazaars. It should follow that such a power of expulsion inheres in Indias Parliament and State Legislatures under Article 105 3 and Article 194 3 of the Constitution even if their procedural rules do not provide for expulsion. Of the laws enacted by men some are concerned with what is good or bad by its very nature and they command men to follow what is right and to shun what is wrong adding at the time a suitable sanction. He will also feature in the mens event to follow along with former Asian champion Alok Kumar and an array of top rung cueists like former World champion billiards Geet Sethi Yasin Merchant Ashok Shandilya Devendra Joshi and Rafat Habib. The State is ranked second after Maharashtra for the highest number of accidents. Road users should follow road rules to reduce the incidence of accidents. It is hoped NBFCs too will follow in the footsteps of some commercial banks in private sector which now pay interest at 7 per cent to senior citizens.