folks meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
folks meaning in tamil is தனிநபர்கள், ஆட்கள், மனிதர்கள்

folks meaning in tamil with example

folks tamil meaning and more example for folks will be given in tamil.
Now that even pictures can be transmitted the significance of sending cards is fast losing its relevance. Many shopkeepers said the patronage was more from the elderly folks and children who still believed in greeting people in a traditional manner by sending cards. While a section of the city folks flocked into the restaurants to welcome the New Year with fun and frolic others chose a more spiritual path. While town and city folks made a beeline for markets looking for varieties of fish there was community fishing in the beels and ponds of rural Assam. Weve included folks arts puppetry and even classical dance as a part of the festival this time. Culture is different to everyone. Even as a child while He mingled with and delighted the unlettered folks at Gokulam He also fulfilled the purpose of His incarnation and gave Moksha to Puthana and many others all deputed by Kamsa to kill the child. Opposing bulldozers on their properties village folks are up in arms against the Governments failure to protect their interests and have convened a mahapanchayat of 360 villages this coming Sunday to discuss the next course of action. Bidhuri said the Chief Minister owed a public apology to the rural folks of the Capital who are now facing the threat of bulldozers. Sharma said the ongoing demolitions have created panic among lakhs of residents particularly the village folks of the Capital. A section of the city folks have responded by erecting a huge hoarding showing Alex in his different roles near the Golden Rock.