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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
folk meaning in tamil is மக்கள்

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Kozhikode Corporation hosted a reception on Saturday to the artistes from different States who participated in the National Integration Folk Dance Festival organised by the Nehru Yuva Kendra in the city. There will be performances in Kerala Natanam Ottanthullal Kuchipudi Bharathanatyam Mohiniyattom folk dance Koodiyattom and Kathakali. The children are regularly exposed to ritual and folk arts like Padayani Poorakali Kambadi kali and Thiruvathira which easily lend themselves to creative adaptations for childrens plays. Once the story is imbibed the children are free to select their roles and make adaptations. A large number of the plays performed here are based on folk tales like the Panchatantra and convey strong morals. There were tribal dances of ghusadi and dhemsa the Banjara folk dance and some others like traditional Eruvaka. The 18yearold department has played a vital role in promoting folk art and tribal culture from the southern part of the country. In order to underline its theoretical standpoint this department has established a resource and research centre particularly for the documentation and preservation of folk cultural practices. In this process a fiveday workshop was conducted from December 26 to 30 to stimulate the creative process among the rural girl children through folk arts and crafts. It consists of training in four folk performing arts 151 devaraattam oyilaattam kazhiyalaattam 151 and the newly introduced maattu kombaattam 151 and modern theatrical techniques.