fold meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fold meaning in tamil is மடிப்பு, மடி

fold meaning in tamil with example

fold tamil meaning and more example for fold will be given in tamil.
However no operator could stand losing the race in adding new subscribers to their fold and this virtually triggered tariff war among the service providers. That was it appears one of the few heated moments during an unusual White House effort to bring some of its critics into the fold and provide a patina of bipartisan common ground to the strategy Mr. Although the United Democratic Front accepted into its fold leaders such as M.V. Raghavan and K.R. Gowri who left the Communist Party of India Marxist this is not reason enough for the LDF to emulate it. Cocoon production in the district has increased four fold because of widespread rain and increase in mulberry cultivation area. The AID absorbed them into its fold and later took them to various smallscale units of its SHGs in Omalur and Yercaud in Salem and a few villages in Dharmapuri districts where from camphor and silver anklets to silk weaving and readymade garments were being manufactured and marketed. Antidefection law The BJP had managed to pull Annapoornamma to its fold and it selected her for the post of the president. It feels that it will be able to bring back the alienated sections back to its fold and help it recover from its nowin situation. Kumaraswamys father and JD S national president H.D. Deve Gowda resigned from his post as his appeals to the rebel legislators to return to the fold went unheeded. Gowda told The HolyIndia he would appeal to the JD S legislators to return to his fold and if they failed to do so the party would be compelled to initiate disciplinary action against them.