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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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On measures to prevent AIDS Dr Ali said the campaign focused on spreading the message to the masses about the importance of avoiding multisex partners. Speaking to The HolyIndia at Valigonda on Saturday Irrigation Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah revealed that the Government had focused its attention on effective use of water in addition to the completion of irrigation projects in time. Martyn Day says the Royal Military Police RMP wasted time and resources by investigating 2000 complaints mostly false when they should have focused on just a dozen of them. In recent years the Zapatistas have kept to themselves focused on setting up alternative local government structures in the territories they control. Discussions focused on quarantine issues and ways to meet the requirements of the domestic and export markets. The police have focused their investigation on computer training institutes here to find out if they had links to Shahed. Police also focused on computer training institutes in the city and hostels to find out if they had links to Shahed. It should definitely be an example for those concerned with issues of crimes against women to take the cue and make focused efforts to reduce the vulnerability of women. Her presentation on the future programmes of FOGSI focused on creating awareness among youth about reproductive and sexual health. We have concentrated and stayed focused during the training camp and this break can easily distract you because of the nature of the occasion.