foam meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
foam meaning in tamil is நுரை

foam meaning in tamil with example

foam tamil meaning and more example for foam will be given in tamil.
After handing over the mike to Mahalaxmi and Raman for a few songs Shankar returned to call all the Pretty Women from the crowd on to the stage for the song from Kal Ho Na Ho. The energetic dancers sprayed foam as the girls did their little gig with the band. One of the fire officers engaged in the operation said that attempts were made to neutralise the oily spread using foam where the density was found to be high. Justice Banerjee attributed the deaths to toxicity and suffocation caused by rexin foam and other inflammable materials in the coach. Felix Associate Professor FBC said the instrument comprising a biocontroller bioconsole and a culture vessel was equipped to control parameters pertaining to temperature pH foam formation and dissolved oxygen which are essential for the optimum growth of microbes. Firefighters extinguishing fire by using foam during a demonstration at Hyderabad airport on Friday. As several cans of chemicals and inflammable substances were around the firemen found it difficult and used both water and foam fight the flames. As foam gushed out of the extinguisher that had been provided for emergency use under the seats passengers got jittery and tried to operate the emergency exit on their own as a result of which emergency brakes were applied. However foam mat drying can help dry the nutritious greens because the process is suitable for sticky viscous fibrous and heatsensitive products. The meeting will be held on the premises of Deccan Foam and Plastics opposite BVR College of Engineering.