flaw meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
flaw meaning in tamil is பலவீனமான மையம், தவறு உள்ள பகுதி

flaw meaning in tamil with example

flaw tamil meaning and more example for flaw will be given in tamil.
By identifying any player who has a flaw in their technique now there is the opportunity to address the problem he said. Hiremath said because of technical flaw committed by the previous Government farmers could not get the full benefit of the interest waiver scheme. She said a lot of delinking process had to be completed before granting autonomy to a college and any flaw in the process would lead to disastrous implications on the stakeholders students as well as the institution. One of the jacks suddenly developed a technical flaw and one of the beams could not be evenly lifted. On the BSP breakaway group failing to get a reprieve from the Supreme Court in connection with the Allahabad High Court decision on their action Mr.Khursheed said the apex court might not have found any flaw in the high court judgement. For example a fundamental flaw of the theory is the assumption that when both sides build up their nuclear arsenals to a threshold level matters will stabilise. A flaw committed by the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate in recording the confessional statement in the sensational MeenakshiSundareswarar Temple blast case has gone in favour of the accused. The flaw in the picture was that while the Kurds and Shias had two militias each the Sunnis had none. The Church maintains that Judas tragic flaw is his lack of faith in divine compassion which forced him to commit suicide. Besides 135 EVMs would be kept ready as a standby arrangement to be utilised in case of any emergency like technical flaw on the polling day.